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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  January 15, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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l not be the latest political figure to appear on the show which has been on five times the the amount of seasons as "arrested development." get it together. there was jerry springer, whose pride fell victim to not existing for a long time ago. >> i have made a fool of myself so many times in life this is only going to be a footnote. >> and of course bristol palin who is not technically a political figure, but then again neither is her mom. we have to guess why ann said no. my theory is she could not find a dancing partner with enough hoofs. i'm done talking now. >> jennifer: that's so awesome brett. there is always next year. someone is always in our war room. check us out online at
4:01 pm room thank you for joining us in "the war room." i hope you have a great night. >> cenk: welcome to the "young turks." we've got breaking news on gun control. the president is fighting hard on it. we'll give you the exact days. we have good news out of new york, as well. what's the republican reaction? impeachment. >> i'm against having a king. i think having a monarach is what we fought the american revolution over. >> cenk: ok. well he's not the one calling for impeachment but other republicans are. of course! and then more injustice from our government unfortunately. now we've got a case of a man who's doing something perfectly legal in california, and what's the government going to do? send him to prison for 10 years. >> they came in there basically
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took all our stuff seized everything. >> public records show corporate paperwork goes to matthew davies, the property manager in stockton. >> cenk: that guy looks really dangerous. take a look at him with his family. a businessman doing something perfectly legal in california, so here comes it is obama justice department to try to put him in jail. there's something deeply wrong with our government. those are the guys in government. the guys out of government are about to cash in as serious money as mobbyists. i'll tell but that, too. it's go time. >> cenk: all right, look at the white house. that's where some new gun control proposals are coming out right now. there's news all over the place on gun control not just washington but also new york.
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governor cuomo passed the toughest gun laws in the country, it's going to get passed probably on tuesday. here he is talking about it. >> the first point is people who are mentally ill should not have access to guns, which then means you need a database of ownership so you can actually do those screens. mandatory life without parole if you kill a first responder. you need a background check at the dealer, you need a background check when you buy it privately. this is the first system that i am pleaments that and seven bullets in a gun. why? because the high capacity magazines that give you the extrasty to kill a large number of human beings in a very short period of time is nonsensical to a civil society. >> cenk: that's great to hear. sounds like his father again his voice sounds so similar to mario cuomo.
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he's incredibly pro banker, but outside of that, rights and gun control. >> i love how governor cuomo comes out with the sweeping legislation we've been pushing for, talking about new york, but he's incredibly pro banker. >> cenk: he is, the governor of new york. >> all the banks are in new york he's doing this courageous thing by being first out there on guns. nobody's going to be perfect cenk. >> cenk: he's posturing for 2013 which is not a bad thing if you're going to be more progressive to try to win in 2013 perfect. have at it, boss. >> ok. today, we have heard that we were going to hear with great specificity tomorrow the proposals that the white house will be giving to us on guns. with these, we are hearing that obama's proposal includes universal backgrounds checks,
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bannen high capacity magazines. the radio newly on the ban from 1994. also he's been hinting at it for a little while that there will be some action, executive action available to him. >> cenk: man! >> there are points of check action. this has the potential of being akin to in 1968 there was the gun control act of 1968 in the wake of the assassination of king and r.f.k. and to a longer extent j.f.k. this has the potential to be the most sweeping gun legislation we've seen in our lifetime. >> cenk: as i look at what they're proposing it's almost as good as what we can expect. i can't think of anything else i would add to the list that has any reasonable chance of passing. as i look at this, i'm stumped nothing to criticize obama. [ laughter ] >> he knows andrew cuomo who is pretty good to the banks. >> cenk: no, no, believe me, if
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there's anybody good to the banks, it's obama. >> i knew where you were going with that. >> cenk: we don't know how much is going to pass. harry reid said something that is discouraging today bub the president seems he's going to try to shoot the moon here, but not with a gun. >> he does, and i think we look at what the vice president said, some of the options some of these 19 possibilities for executive action to take on gun control. you know, we talked about them before, but some could be new limits on guns imported from overseas reminiscent of what george h.w. bush did. health and mental records. these powers are within the presidency, also to put somebody standard head of the a.t.f., and a lot of funding for the a.t.f., which is a lagging agency. they'll be charged with enforcing these gun laws. by strengthening the a.t.f., he is going to be doing some
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strengthening. >> cenk: when you block over countries from importing more guns here, it helps the n.r.a., because they represent american gun manufacturers, gives them a bigger monopoly. the check on mental health, if that's the only thing they do, that was an n.r.a. proposal, too. it's not nearly good enough. that's not the only thing they are proposing, and i want to be clear on that. if they settle, it sucks. >> that's the important thing to extinguish. it's not the only thing they are proposing, but the only thing george h.w. bush did on guns a transparent way of saying we are helping american gun manufacturers. this is the sail time as you're trying to fight guns here, fighting guns coming from overseas. rand paul in the is that the the senate is against this, against the idea of executive action, and here is the esteemed senator from the state of kentucky talking about that. >> i'm against having a king. i think having a monarach is
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what we fought the american revolution over and someone who wants to by pass the constitution by pass congress, that's someone who wants to act like a king oh are man narc. i've been opposed to executive orders even with republican president, but one that wants to fringe on the second amendment we will fight tooth and nail and i promise you there will be no rock left unturned as far as trying to stop him from usurping the constitution, running roughshod over congress and you will see one heck of a debate if he decides to try to do this. >> cenk: all right. i want to talk about that and of course congressman stackton from texas has already threatened impeachment or president obama if he takes any executive action on guns. he doesn't know the action, but already the i am peoplement threat is there. we have david seroto here, writes a column, author of "hot style future,"" the uprising."
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my anymore name for you is up rising because i think you're super cool. let's talk about what can president obama do and can the are yous fight back, rand paul saying i'll going to go get him. get him how? >> the president and the legal counsel will look at what authorities exist and the president will either use or not use his discretion. when we talk about executive orders in general, we're talking about the president's rights to discretionary action as what the government, the actions that the government takes. he can say for instance, i want more enforcement focus on gun crimes. i want less enforcement focus let's say on prosecuting people who use marijuana. that can be done, for instance, through executive order. the question about research, it's a real question. here's the problem. the history of research just into gun violence and why we see so much gun violence in this country as opposed to other
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countries, measures have been passed riders to appropriation bills banning the c.d.c., bang federal health agencies from doing extensive research into this back five, six, seven years ago. one of the things that may come up is the president may issue an executive order saying i want the c.d.c. to do more research into this, and that could run into the force of law where previous riders have said that research cannot be funded. >> cenk: you guys are scaring me. i hear you guys, but it seems like in the end they're going to say let's check mentally ill people and call it a day. >> going along with david, it's not about scaring. gerald ford, i think it was alluded to the fact that the action is a response to inaction. we're going to put it on you to do it? look, i often say the president needs overwhelming
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support before he takes any action. in this case, he has it. newark to know post poll, assault weapons ban 58-39 in favor of the ban. the only group that's really in favor of not doing gun control on the semiautomatic weapons is white, non-college educated men against it 43-55. >> what's surprising there is that it's only 43-55. >> cenk: that group which is deeply republican is not that bad a number. mack ground checks 85-12. if we listen to the american people there goes the gun show loophole and preventing mentally ill people from purchasing guns. >> the white house could be throwing out we want this piece of legislation, this piece of legislation and this piece of ledge reaction or we're going to do executive orders. if and when those pieces of
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ledge reaction don't pass, the idea will be the president will sign a bunch of executive orders and perhaps the thinking is that we'll all think that the situation with unregulated firearms out there that problem is completely involved when in fact the legislative solutions are so much more necessary than the executive order. >> i think that there is also a political reality, which is you have a senate majority leader in your own party in harry reid saying you know what, i don't think we should put this out there, because the house isn't going to pass it. >> now that you mention it, i think it's really telling. watch harry reid here. >> in the senate, we're going to do what we can get through the house. we're not going through gyrations just to say we've done something. the purpose is to pass legislation. >> cenk: led me decode that four guys. he seems to be saying i don't have democratic senators in red states on my side. i can't do an assault weapons ban. i'm going to pretend that i didn't do it, because the house
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won't do it. >> what i would say is that what i'm looking at the white house and asking the question are you trying to set up a situation where you, barack obama doesn't feel a need or are creating a justification not to go into those states and use your political capital to pressure those senators. >> it's harry reid not behaving like a senator, behaving like a congressman, representing the people of southern and northern nevada. there's a huge drives. this would be a huge mar on his record if he stands in the way of any kind of ban. >> agreed. you want to see president obama go to those states and say we want an assault weapons ban and a universal background check and i want this fight. >> cenk: if they can't get an assault weapons banned -- they're not going to get one passed.
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if they can't limit the number of bullets in a magazine, they're total and utter failures. that has not happened yet. >> who you are talking about? >> cenk: the democraties. we know the republicans are -- you know what they are and they're going to be against this, et cetera. this was a fun segment. epic and uprising in one segment. we have yet another important saying we're burning up, we're in massive trouble on the climate cliff. that's the real cliff right? and top scientists in the world including one that we're about to talk to are saying for love of god, president obama do not approve the key stone pipe line. we'll talk about that when we return. >> here i am at the hardesty terminal the northern terminus of the soon to be key stone pipeline. >> farm and range land and sometimes i don't see people for days a the a time. commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time
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now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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>> i think it's brilliant. (vo) first, news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >> i know this stuff, and i love it. (vo) followed by humor and politics with a west coast edge. bill press and stephanie miller. >> what a way to start the day.
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>> cenk: what you're looking at is a slight picture of beijing. we're showing you that because they have a scale from zero to 500 and 300 on the smog level means that you are at hassous conditions. you know what it's at now? 700. so now you see beijing and now you don't. that's the kind of disaster we have in beijing. when you look at worldwide conditions and here in the sufficient world more disaster. a national climate assessment is about to come out and we have some of that reporting on it. here's a graphic: >> cenk: in other words total and utter disaster headed our way. so, now none the less, president obama is considering improving the northern portion of the key stone pipeline, bringing the tar
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sands of canada here. they would bring the oil from those tar sands which actually greatly increase climate change, because that contributes to climate change even more than regular oil. one guy wanted to document what is going on along the key stone pipeline. his name is ken and walked down the pipeline to see what happens. >> this is the first battle over a public works project over climate change. it wasn't until i crossed the canada u.s. bored into the u.s. before i noticed some resistance. >> it doesn't matter where this leaks, that [bleep] will become part of the water. >> for a foreign corporation to be shoving a pipeline through the land, it doesn't sit with a lot of them too well. i do about 20 miles a day and i think i'll get to the coast probably early part of february, mid-february. i'm not looking forward at all
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to the end. it's been a wonderful journey. >> cenk: but it's not going to be a wonderful journey for that oil if it comes through here. two small notes, one on the post of showing his toes, sorry we subjected you to that. everythings a foreign corporation. canada is a foreign corporation. you think exxon mobil's american? they don't give a damn about america. they're owned by people throughout the world. everything's foreign right? second of all, there is no patriot imwhen your a corporate robot. your only objective is to make as much money as possible. don't be ridiculous in trust be american corporations. now, 18 of the top climate scientists in the country have actually written a letter to the president saying please, do not approve this key stone pipeline. 16 quote says:
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>> cenk: good luck. one of the guys who has written that letter, ken caldero joins us now. he thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. so why, for the people who are not aware of the key stone pipeline, tell them why you think this is a big deal and why it shouldn't be approved. >> the basic idea of the key stone excel pipeline is to bring tar sand oil from canada down into the united states. zenaphobia isn't the issue here.
4:22 pm
what that matters is whether we are expanding our fossil fuel infrastructure and dumps more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere or whether we're going to make a transition into renewables and other technology that don't use the atmosphere as a waste dump. >> cenk: what happens if we bring in the tar sand oils? is an epic disaster real, and how so? >> well, i maybe take a slightly different perspective than jim hansen in i don't think that the emissions from the oil, from this particular pipeline tips the scales to make the difference between a disaster and a wonderful idyllic in life. it sense a symbol to the world of the concrete action we say take. if president obama wants a legacy as being the president
4:23 pm
who turned u.s. energy policy around, and started getting us transitioned from the old fossil fuel based economy from the last century to the near zero emission energy system of the 21st century, then he needs to deny the permit to this pipeline and send a signal that we cannot be expanding last century's fossil fuel infrastructure and expect to wind up with a 21st 21st century energy system. >> cenk: all right let's keep it real. if he does approve it, is he sending the opposite signal, that i just talked about climate change but in reality, i don't think it's that big a deal. >> so far it's hard to really identify anything concrete that president obama has done on the climate issue to really bring down emissions. if he approves key stone he can
4:24 pm
excel, that will be a concrete action to increase emissions and i think that president obama's legacy on the climate issue will be a shameful one. >> cenk: strong language. by the way, out of curiosity what do you think he's going to do? >> well, you know, i'm not one to predict the future. put it this way i've never been proven wrong by being too cynical. >> cenk: well, you and me both, brother. i'm a little worried. as you say, i don't make that decision, you don't make that decision. president obama is about to make that decision. we'll let you be the judge after he approves it or disproves. if he doesn't prove it, we'll both come on and celebrate and say he really thinks climate change is important and that's terrific. >> he campaigned the first time on the issue of hope, and i'm still hoping. >> cenk: keep hope alive brother. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> cenk: all right. now, when we come back,
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unfortunately, again these are realities. we don't make this stuff up, but we got to be more cynical here, because we got the justice democratic coming after this guy who is doing something perfectly illegal in california, trying to put him in prison for 10 long years. >> you would see a line of cars all the way down to where the curve starts. >> federal prosecutors have suggested they are initially going after the biggest operators. >> cenk: you know what, so-called biggest the operators a family man and his wife. we're going to talk to his lawyer about what kind of case the government is bringing against him. i think it's outrageous. we'll talk about it when we come back. tv.
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>> cenk: well, here comes the obama administration again. the justice department saying each got to go after people doing drug dispensaries, even though it's perfectly legal whether colorado with legal marijuana or here in california where we've had legal medical marijuana for a long time. one guy thought it's legal and i should set up a business around it, mass how that davies. he has a master's degree in business, a family of two. the government cracks down on his business and now he faces up to 10 years in prison, because the feds came after him. here's a report about it. >> sometimes the feds send a warning letter first as they did with these two marijuana dispensaries in sacramento. sometimes, they're not so poll light. the same thing happened monday at the dispensary in sacramento. >> they took all our stuff
4:29 pm
seized everything, took all our cash and product and stuff and that's basically it. >> those two raised appear to be connected to the discovery of a large marijuana growing operation two weeks ago in this stock to know warehouse. public records show corporate paperwork for the medicine dispensary goes to matthew davies, a property manager in tockton. >> cenk: in public, president obama says all the right things, oh, on the issue of marijuana weaver got bigger fish to fry. we're not going to spend federal resources and in reality and action, he has broken a record in how many dispensaries they've done in his first turn. he head of the d.e.a. is pushing all the raised. let me me show you some bigger numbers, marijuana arrests in 2011 alone. 750,000 for marijuana about
4:30 pm
half of the arrests for just marijuana possession. that's one marijuana arrest every 42 seconds. oh, i got bigger fish to fry except by the way, president obama, president bush, president clinton, all smoked marijuana but are willing to put 750,000 people a year in jail for doing the same exact thing they did they just didn't get busted on. how about prosecuting pot? do you know that it costs us $10,400 every time somebody is arrested. if you're conservative, shouldn't you be outraged by that that we're wasting that kind of money. we waste $7 billion annually on this nonsense, understooding 800 fistula million dollars in courts costs and $3.1 billion in prison costs. it's important to get really dangerous criminals like matthew davies. take a look of this dangerous dangerous man with his family.
4:31 pm
the biggest drug launderers in the world are the criminals as h.s.b.c., one of the largest banks in the world. our justice democratic said oh, sorry, they're too big to jail. we can't put them in prison, even though they launder mexican drug cartel money. and they put matthew davies in prison. lets bring in matthew's wife and steve raglan is his attorney. thank you for joining us, we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> first of all molly how did this idea for the business start and when you guys started it or matthew started it, did you guys have any sense of the danger involved that the federal government would be this unreasonable when it came to state's rights? >> well, initially, we had some concerns. because we had concerns, we went to different attorneys we went to people we thought were the foremost experts on the cubject
4:32 pm
in california, and after meeting with them, we felt so secure. we felt that it was legal in california, we were going to stay within the state guidelines, follow all the laws, and these attorneys advised us that as long as we did that, we would be safe, and of course, because of what the obama administration said, there would be no problem so in the end my husband went forward because we felt so secure in the fact that this was a legal business and a business of helping people. >> steve did they offer a plea here? >> well, what they've told matt right now they charged him with counts to care a five year mandatory minute mull. even if the judge believes that it's unjust to send matt to prison for a day, he will have no discretion but to give him five years in federal prison. they told him you must plead guilty to those charges and accept seven years in prison, or we'll bring charges with a 10 year mandatory minimum. that's the plea offer right now.
4:33 pm
we're hoping that through this interview, through people going to keepmatt,, we can get them to reconsider the case and to realize that justice is not done by sending matt to prison for a day. >> cenk: steve now look, if you go to court and you say look, this is perfectly legal in the state of california and the prosecutor says i don't care, this is a federal court and it's not legal federally are you out of luck? how do you make an argument against that? >> well, if we have to get to that point, we will. some is unchartered territory somewhat. the point is that candidate obama and president obama's administration since he was elected have given clear signals to people that they're not going after people who comply with state law with regard to medical marijuana, people like mat davies. they are going after people doing it illegally. matt had a payroll processing company to handle things so that taxes were withheld, everything
4:34 pm
was on the up and up. he submitted a business permit to the city of sacramento. that's the sort of people that the obama justice department said they are not going to go after. >> cenk: molly, how many kids do you have? >> two. >> cenk: hold are they? >> an 18-month-old daughter and 3-year-old daughter. >> cenk: what you are going to do if matt goes to jail for seven years. >> that's not going to be easy. >> cenk: how are you going to make a living? how are you going to support the kids? >> that's a good question. i don't know the answer to that now. >> cenk: can you believe your government is doing this to you even though what you guys are doing are perfectly legal in your own state. >> well, it's shocking. you know, from the beginning from the beginning, when, you know, there was first a search warrant served, you know, on a warehouse, when a search warrant was served on our home, it was shocking all the way through but each time i thought that's
4:35 pm
ok, they're do an investigation and see that we're within state guidelines and followed the laws and there would be no problem. even when my husband was indicted, i thought that's ok, they'll do an investigation and they'll see that he's completely compliant with the state of california. that's where i don't understand what the disconnect is between what the obama administration says and what's actually happening to us. >> cenk: steve when you talk to the prosecutors, do you say hey wait a minute, are you guys really going to send this family man, this businessman to jail for five years, 10 years when what he was doing is legal? are they a blank wall, we get a notch in our belt? what's their reaction at human beings? >> i don't know what their personal reaction is. we wrote a letter to the u.s. attorney benjamin wagner and said let's talk about this, sit down and talk with us, come and
4:36 pm
meet us and talk to us. we got a rebuff from his office. we wrote a letter to attorney general holder asking him to reconsider this. you talk about a notch on the wall it's been said for decades that a prosecutor's job is not to rack up wins, but to do justice. i know that if attorney general holder if benjamin wagner sat down with matt and molly there's no way they can believe personally that justice is done by sending this good man to prison. >> cenk: all right. >> and in fact, it undermines legitimate sources of medical marijuana in california. >> cenk: they're embarrassed. it's tough to look molly in the face and say i'm going to send your husband to jail for five to 10 years because i want an extra notch in my belt or we're liars and we said we wouldn't prosecute these people and we are prosecuting them and we're not progressives and we're even more right wing than the bush administration when it comes to
4:37 pm
this. of course, they can't meet you face-to-face, because they're a national embarrassment. >> that's why we hope people go to keepmatt, and sign the petition. >> cenk: thank you. >> thank you. >> cenk: are congressman now lobbying to get the best lobbying jobs? they're angling. they get paid so much! we'll tell you when we come back. >> what do you plan to do after you retire? >> have a better job than you guys have, that's for sure. get a word in edgewise.
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>> cenk: we're back here on the "young turks." a little while ago a congressman was chased down by two reporters. they were asking him wait a minute it looks like you took a job with duke energy while you're still in congress. i know you rush out of congress to get the lobbyist jobs, but you're still negotiating things with the fiscal cliff, et cetera. >> are you planning to become a lobbyist? >> no. >> what will you do after this year? just want to get you on record here. >> you're barking up the wrong tree. >> what do you plan to do after you retire? >> have a better job than you guys have, that's for sure. [ laughter ] >> cenk: have a better job than you, because i'm going to sell out and be a lobbyist. he did and now works for duke energy a job he took before he stopped being a congressman. what is a congressional salary?
4:42 pm
$175,000$175,000 a year. they pay their c.e.o. $440,000. the american gaming association pay $1.9 million and the congressman and senators are really angling for that job because they get to go to vegas all the time, do. what happens in vegas stays in vegas. what happens in d.c. also stays in d.c. the securities industry and financial markets, in other words, the banks. they pay their top guy $2.9 million. my favorite is the fertilizer industry. they pay $400,000. fertilizer, you know what that is, right? well the washington folks are really good experts at fertilizer industry. everybody's competing for this
4:43 pm
job. they are. it's embarrassing, but they're like i'll shovel it. i've been shoveling my whole career. >> the company trying to place these people, trying to match them up said: >> cenk: let's bring in joe williams here, a great reporter from washington, d.c. to talk about this. joe, is there any sense in washington, you've been covering it for a while now that hey maybe this is a little dirty. we were just guys legislating on this, going over there to lobby our friends on capitol hill to do the bidding of these folks or do they think high five this is the great evident thing that ever happened and there's no ethical problem at all. >> ethics is in the eye of the
4:44 pm
beholder. we are witnessing the ritual, like the swallows going back, the nba playoffs in the spring, members of congress who defeat incumbents lobbying for jobs, but now kind of elbowing each other, because there's so much money to be made and this dirty little secret is out in the open oh or you have them going back like schuler chased down in a parking lot. that is something we heard a lot when he was playing for the redskins so it's not surprising there, but basically people going to these big firms getting a lot of money paid a lot of money to go back and talk to their friends about things that these corporations want. it hasn't been that long dins tom delay, basically the poster child for these resolving door relationships was caught and is now doing or at least is sentenced to doing three years in a federal prison for his role in trying to do some influence
4:45 pm
peddling. >> cenk: isn't that the problem though, in the old days, some of this stuff used to be criminal, now what's legal is much worse than what's illegal. they can take these lobbyist jobs and write the laws before they go into the lobbyist jobs, influence their friends. it's perfectly legal. in fact, let me ask you do you think that before they leave office they know i'm going to be a lobbyist one day so the more i vote in favor of industry, the more i might get paid when i get out. >> well, it's probably less direct than that, but certainly these kind of relationships have to be in the minds of a lot of lawmakers going about their daily business as they hear from representatives from duke energy monsanto, different industries in the states that they represent. you have a lot of people who are keeping these relationships in
4:46 pm
mind, because politics is all about relationships and in washington, money is the lubricant that makes these relationships work. you've got a lot of people keeping these things in mind, but it's very rarery a quit pro quo. it's more like a wink and a nod. we know if we have a good relationship with you if things aren't going our way as in a income bent, we have a friendly ear to sit down and do business. >> cenk: if you vote against the banks and keep voting against them, are you more likely to get that $2.9 million job if you leave or if you keep voting in favor of the bans? >> there is no question about that. you're more likely if you're friendly to the bank's interests on the floor of the legislature. one thing i do want to make a point at is that lobbying is a lot of main changing hands back and forth. there are good lobbyist jobs
4:47 pm
that are important for things like autism research, stem cell research that got a lot of important legislation passed there, and certain other causes, but those problems, the problems with those are the companies and the industries that fund those lobbying efforts don't pay a lot of money. they don't get a lot of headlines like the ones that change hands with millions of dollars at stake and those are the ones that typically cause a lot of the ethical problems in congress. lobbying by itself is not a birthy word, but the way it that become a function of our legal system makes it seem all but criminal across the board. >> cenk: thank you so much for joining us. >> cenk: my pleasure. >> cenk: when we come back, we're going to talk about lance armstrong. he apparently did a confessional on oprah. man, this guy you want to talk about a politician lying, talk about a liar. wait until you get a load of lance armstrong. >> do you think it was difficult
4:48 pm
for him to finally come clean to you? >> yes i think the entire interview was difficult.
4:49 pm
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>> cenk: sometimes my cynicism is rewarded, that is with lance armstrong. of course he's cheating, of course he's cheating, and finally, he has confessed. anna is here, as well as michael and j.r. you ever more. >> yes this entire drama is unfolding because oprah spoke to article strong. she had an interview with him two and a half hours long. she plans on airing both hours in two different specials, and she says that if, you know, this eye-opening situation and that he's very candid about the experience. there are two reasons he might have come out to admit to this. there is the desire to compete in try and got triathlons, thinking
4:52 pm
if he admits maybe i can compete. >> cenk: what a weird thing to come out for. i don't believe that at all. who cares? >> you don't believe him. >> cenk: but this is super strange. the postal service, you were saying, but i don't understand that one either. if he admits he did it, he's more likely to be sued and be part of that $30 million lawsuit. >> there's a statute of limitations issues. he can be sued civilly but a lot of his perjury isn't going to hurt him. >> cenk: that's not an incentive to come out and say it. he should have shut up. >> if the statute of limitations is over, that's the incentive. it's probably been really difficult for him to live with. i have zero sympathy for him you understand. >> he's been shutting up for this long. it's not working for him. >> cenk: 50% of the people are always going to stick with the
4:53 pm
guy. it doesn't matter how much of an obvious liar he is, they're going to stick with him. now he's lost all of them. >> i think the only plausible explanation is that he does want to compete in try and triathlons again. sure, he has $100 million -- >> cenk: you want to run around the block run around the block. >> if someone told you let's say you reported a story incorrectly and got fired the network is like cenk, you're done you're gone, you would be a mess. can you imagine if you didn't have a platform to speak on? you would lose your mind. >> cenk: i know, but he's doing i like it's not a professional thing, these triathlons. he's not at the top of his game. it's like cenk, otherwise you're
4:54 pm
not allowed to speak in your basement. >> just go run around the block jay's version of a triathlon. >> as much as we hearken back to the days of high school football and try to relive that, this is at a high level and are he can prove to people who say he really didn't do all that. there's a lot to prove. this could be a reason. >> cenk: it's too late. it's too late. when you did the tour de france, you were had the height of your game. you cheated and your done. you can run a triathlon later. who gives a damn? >> you're right. >> cenk: here's how he should have gone, i cheated but i got news for you guys, so did everyone else, and i still beat them. >> he's planning on throwing people under the bus. in addition to admitting to doping, he's planning on doing a tell-all of all the different people that were involved in this, which i think is super
4:55 pm
shiesty. >> you're going to get the most people saying what anna said. >> cenk: i don't know if we should try to squeeze in the berlusconi story. >> they say that he had underage sex with a 17-year-old who he started paying. they say they have a $60,000 payment to this woman known as ruby, but she is a moroccon citizen brought in today. the defense decided not to call her at all. these parties that he had he's got ruby here, who took a $60,000 payment from it and he now says that payment had nothing to do with prostitution, nothing to do with sex, he was helping her start a business new i'm done, but i got to ask. you're the italian expert.
4:56 pm
guilty or not guilty? [ speaking italian ] >> cenk: i agree. you know what i think guilty, always guilty. john fugelsang what's coming up on viewpoint? >> i want to remind you in parts of france, he could run on that behavior and win. we've got a fun show, including our new nightly award segment the quickest awards show in the world, presenting the i'm not a racist butt award. nominees include an coulter and bill o'reilly. the f. bomb kentry will be on glenn beck's libertarian comment. you talked about it, but what's left for lance armstrong. he has lied for so long to so many people in so many ways, the only career left seems to be politics. we'll cover that plus much more on viewpoint. >> cenk: we're looking forward to i. we'll be right back.
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